Pew pew pew

This exercise consist in rewriting a story from the antagonist’s point of view. I chose “La Fiesta de las Balas” a from Martín Luis Guzmán “El Águila y la Serpiente”; one of the short stories my class was made to read in high school and boy was this a doozy. Took me two days and … More Pew pew pew


Doing a round of edits tonight, trying to fix all of my “‘s” misuses; for the most part I took a break this weekend to watch the NA LCS, terrible form for and aspiring whatever to take a break five minutes into starting something but TSM needed my energy! I’ll try to get a bastardization … More Butts

Apparently tawdry doesn’t mean what I though it meant

But it’s all good since it really doesn’t affect the way I used it, I think I’ll check after posting this thingie. Was aiming for 10 minutes this time and barely made it. So far the hardest part of writing has been getting rid of all the “totally” I add to my stuff to give emphasis. Cheated … More Apparently tawdry doesn’t mean what I though it meant

So fucking emo

Do kids still even say emo? Or does anyone for that matter? Not much to say… he’s in a boat! Nothing? All right. Random words exercise, required words: boat, manipulate, tawdry, glasses, hurt, alluring, fruit, approach. Done in: 6:14.400 minutes. No. 3 18/07/2015 Where only seagulls know your name (103 Words) As I leave the … More So fucking emo

Baby steps

The exercise below consisted on writing a description of the view from my window. It ends quite abruptly as I just noticed mostly because I trailed off at the end, hopefully it won’t happen again. Window (352 Words) No. 1 16/07/2015 Rocks. In one word that’s what you can see from my window. Not at this particularly time … More Baby steps