Baby steps

The exercise below consisted on writing a description of the view from my window. It ends quite abruptly as I just noticed mostly because I trailed off at the end, hopefully it won’t happen again.

Window (352 Words)

No. 1 16/07/2015

Rocks. In one word that’s what you can see from my window. Not at this particularly time of the day, mind you, since it’s dark and scary at the moment but when there’s enough light you can appreciate the vastly uninteresting sight of my small inner patio.

It’d be lying if I said the patio is the only sight there is from my window but it is the most notorious, from up here I can see my parent’s room and just a bit of the living room, both rooms located at the left wall from mine, neither is really catching both being hidden away by their respective curtains.

For the bedroom I can almost but not quite see my father’s bedside and his goddamned mess at the corner of the room, he’s been hoarding electronic components for a while, none are functional or expensive but he has never taken the time to clean them and no one has really bothered to tell him to throw them away, so they just catch dust and sit  in a corner while taking room space.

The living room is a bit trickier to see from here, being on the first level of the house while my window is on the second floor, you have to get close to the window and try to find an angle to really see much but, from where I sit at the moment, I can barely catch a hint of the tabletop where I normally sit between the curtains and if I got my face plastered in the window I’d probably be able to see the TV and the furniture it sits on.

Besides the left wall the other two walls that close in the patio are much less interesting, being just white and plain. Well, to be fair the right one does have a couple features, two spherical lamps which protrude from the wall about two meters from the ground, neither lamp works correctly so they are quite useless but they there are.

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