Somehow seems shorter than the last one

Ok, so I might have cheated on acidic but fuck that word, also it seems the point of this whole thing was to write a very short story with all of the required words but that flew right over my head when I did this one, ending with a weird D.U.I. story that kind of but not quite happened to someone I know, coincidentally called Martin.

Don’t let the date throw you off, this was written 5 minutes after the window’s description it’s just that the clock had ticked midnight at that point.

Slacked at the end, fuck that second to last paragraph I was going to go with that idea, the wax and tempt bit but couldn’t figure how to glue them together without it being awkward, the whole skipping town was just a door for me to get rid of the exercise.

I suck at titles.

Just don’t (375 Words)

No. 2 17/07/2015

Words to use: rose, acquit, round, wax, tempt, acidic, earth, hypnotize.


Isabel loved to tend her garden, every morning she’d wake up and water her roses, pride and joy of the woman, they were the most beautiful thing on the street and, as she boasted when riled up, the whole town.

One morning however, her routine was interrupted when she woke not to her lovely garden but to a patch of scattered earth and plants over her porch. Martin Harrison, the next door couple’s son had rammed his car into a power line, not before passing over her whole garden, leveling most of it.

Isabel was out of herself in grief, she had dedicated herself for years to her work and now she had nothing to show for it.

Martin realizing the distress in the woman tried his best to tranquilize her; mostly to avoid some if not all of the consequences of his actions, but it was useless nothing he said got through the woman cursing him to all hell; among the crowd who had gathered round some say Martin went as far as to try to hypnotize Isabel in an attempt to keep her from suing him.

In the end the police took away Martin which didn’t really amount to anything as his mother worked for the mayor’s office and managed to get him acquitted of the D.U.I. and property damages; unfortunately for the kid not one person on the street was happy with his acquittal, the community around the Harrison could only be described as acidic.

The mayor saw a drop in popularity and his house would sometimes wake up to find a stray tire resting on their porch. Martin tried anything to apologize to Isabel, he paid some of the house damages and offered help in restoring the garden but none of it had payed off as neither Isabel nor the town felt any empathy towards the little guy.

He offered to wax himself to prove how sorry he was, Isabel was tempted to accept the offer but turned him down; in the end he had to move away and start a new life somewhere people wouldn’t know of his stupid past, I hope that the internet doesn’t catch up to you Martin, good luck boy, you’ll need it.

Don’t drink and drive kids.

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