Doing a round of edits tonight, trying to fix all of my “‘s” misuses; for the most part I took a break this weekend to watch the NA LCS, terrible form for and aspiring whatever to take a break five minutes into starting something but TSM needed my energy!

I’ll try to get a bastardization of another author’s work up and look for some notes on possessives because I keep fucking that up, with some luck I’ll have something to show before tomorrow.

On the NA LCS:

I really hope TSM is starting to pick themselves up after the past couple of weeks, I don’t like watching legends and see them apologize for their performance; you can do it, bois! TSM es NA número uno!

TDK also had an awesome game today and I totally wan’t cheering them on only because I’m salty TSM lost yesterday against TiP; nope, that wasn’t it at all.

And since I’m mentioning cheering: the one thing that left me with a bitter aftertaste was how the fans wouldn’t chant TSM today. They cheered when the team fights went well but for the most part no TSM chant could be heard; way to show support guys.

Closing thoughts on today’s games: Fuck twitch chat.

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