Apparently tawdry doesn’t mean what I though it meant

But it’s all good since it really doesn’t affect the way I used it, I think I’ll check after posting this thingie.

Was aiming for 10 minutes this time and barely made it. So far the hardest part of writing has been getting rid of all the “totally” I add to my stuff to give emphasis.

Cheated again at the end, I caught myself writing “can’t help but feel” too much at the end so I rewrote a bit of the last paragraph.

No. 4 18/07/2015 

Required words: Hole – burial – discredit – delicious – steak – propel – strike – tawdry

Done in: 9:46.000

The tawdry haunt (133 words after edit)

As the gravedigger strikes the earth and the tawdry coffin slowly makes its way between the rows of attendees, William inspects the burial of the man he looked up to for most of his adult life.

Refined and proud he was; everyday William could hear him boast of his lamb and steak dinner with the delicious wine that accompanied them, of how he single-handedly propelled himself into the business world and wrestled a dragon on his free time, a humble bastard he wasn’t but now as he looks back and remembers his eccentricities and exaggerations he feels as if something is missing, something is wrong; as the coffin is laid down in a simple hole without a complaint from its silent occupant he can’t help but think that it doesn’t suit him, neither death nor that plain hole.

Edit: On the preface for clarity.

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